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Learn How To Build An Endless Stream Of Traffic AND Earn Passive Free Crypto For Life!

Why Struggle For Traffic To Your Site?
Why Struggle To Build A Network?
Why Struggle To Earn Daily?
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The main purpose of this site is to put as many eyes on your affiliate program(s) as possible. Your efforts in sharing this with others will be the foundation that will increase your financial situation. This will happen because of the multilevel referral network that is set up for both FREE and PAID team members. Both ways provide lifetime earnings.

We are helping you build a business around collecting free crypto from various faucets which will be a very lucrative income builder. And it is more sustainable than any other program online because most TRUE faucets have outside ventures that keep fueling the faucets. The only reason why every marketer online is not doing them because it takes time and patience to build a proper team and network. And a lot of marketers are in such a rush to get rich over night that they fall prey to the scammers and corrupted sites, or sites that promise everything but you still end up earning nothing.

Free crypto faucets leaves zero liability because there is zero risk! Which is why we are showing you how to build a proper FREE MONEY NETWORK with multilevel team building.

Tell Me If This Makes Sense,

Advertising your program or service can be very unproductive. If you use Traffic exchanges, you would have to first click hundreds of other marketer's ads before having enough credits to post your ad. And once those credits ran out, you would have to repeat that long unproductive cycle over and over again.  Think about this for a second, most traffic exchanges and traffic mailers give you up to a 1:5 credit ratio. Meaning for every 1 ad you viewed, you would get 5 credits. So after you have clicked 100 ads that you had to watch for 8 seconds each (which is the normal watch time for Traffic exchanges), you would have donated 800 seconds of your time (13 minutes), for just 500 credits. Those credits will run out by end of the day if you are on a real active traffic site. So you would have to donate another 13 minutes for another 500 credits. And this is just on 1 traffic site. For every additional site you want to advertise to, you need to add another 13 minutes for just 500 credits. Just to earn 5000 ad views on 10 different sites that is 130 minutes (2 hours and 10 minutes) of clicking ads. That time does not even include the loading times from site to site.

For argument sake lets say on 10 sites you ran out of credits every other day in a weeks time. (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday). 4 days times 2 hours and 10 minutes means you would have to click for 8 hours and 40 minutes. If you are advertising on very active sites and your ads credits ran out daily that would be 7 days time 2 hours and 10 minutes which is a total of 15 hours and 10 minutes of clicking ads for the week. You would have earned a total of (7 days x 5000 credits) = 35,000 total ad credits after 15 hours of clicking ads.

But if you used our easy to duplicate system below, you would only click 8 ads for 15 seconds each (which is only 2 minutes). You would only do this 1 time when you register on our site. You will never have to click another ad ever and you will get unlimited ad views to your website using our robust viral system, for life! FOR FREE!

Here is a chart that will show you exactly how powerful this advertising strategy is. Our ad system is viewed down 7 levels. If you were to just show 10 people this FREE viral ad view magnet and they followed your lead, this is the potential ad views you can receive after just 2 minutes of clicking.

Everyone that is involved in marketing online can benefit from how this system works. And when you add how to earn FREE Crypto for life, this makes this the #1 sought after program online. Here is how it works:


1. Visit each of the 8 links at the bottom for 15 seconds, fill in the ad codes for each site you viewed, fill in the rest of the sign up form and read the Terms of Service. (You will not be allowed to sign up until you have visited the links and added the codes.)

2. You will than receive a website exactly like this one, the only difference will be that your link will now be in the #1 position.

3. You will be instantly sent an e-mail with your unique site URL and login details. You need to promote your unique site URL for your prospects to see your link in the #1 position. Banners are located in your members area to help you promote your page.

4. People signing up from your website will now be advertising your link in the #2 position. People joining on the next level will advertise your link in the #3 position, and so on, and so on. You can see how your network will begin to grow very, very rapidly. If you would like to view a chart please click here.

So what are you waiting for?
Come see for yourself how a little bit of effort will lead to a lifetime of success.

Click the links below to get started.

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